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I’m Paria Hassouri, and I’m so glad you’ve landed here. I’m a mother to three and a pediatrician practicing in Los Angeles. I’m also a runner, a writer, and an advocate. You can read more about me and why I created this website on the about page. A sampling of my work can be found on this home page, but to read and hear more of what I’ve been up to, visit the publications page. And if you want to stay in the know, subscribe to my newsletter!


I stand in the dressing room, turning to the side, running my hand over the bulge of my tummy, dipping it in over the line caused by my underwear. I notice the way the dress clings just a little too much over my hips. At 45, there is no denying that I have my mom’s body, but on this particular day, it is OK. Over the last few months, I have finally realized just how lucky I am to have her body — a body that matches my gender identity…

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Our bungalow was still dark when my cellphone rang at 5 a.m. My husband and I had escaped for a much needed yoga retreat on the remote island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, when I got the phone call no parent ever expects to get—a call that four years of medical school, three years of pediatric residency training, and 15 years of practicing pediatrics hadn’t prepared me for…

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“Allergic To Hugs” is a piece I wrote and presented in front of an audience in Los Angeles as part of a show called Expressing Motherhood. My piece tells the story of my middle child’s presentation as transgender. You can listen to the presentation through a recorded podcast from one of the shows.

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What I worry about the most is knowing that once we start, the way she smells will change. Every time I drop her off at school, I bury my face in her neck and inhale, aware that the days of her smelling like the child I know are numbered…. I’ve always had this thing for people’s natural scent.

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